Monday, May 2, 2011


Wearing the right colours can make us feel more energized,dramatically enhance our overall appearance or even help us blend in.

The first important fact is to know that colours are divided into the WARM/COOL genre.. 


Warm colours are those with a yellow undertone.
Cool colours are those that have a blue undertone.

 To determine if you have the warm/cool colour pattern,you have to stand in front of a mirror with your hair tied behind.Now hold a cream coloured fabric under your chin and repeat the process with a white fabric.If the cream fabric gives your face a radiance and lights up your eyes while the white make you look drawn,you have a warm skin tone or vice versa.

Now once we have determined your colour tone look up at the colours scheme above marked warm/cool and try picking up colours according to your tone from your wardrobe..

Next step is to mix and match colors.The colours in the middle is the strandard colour while up the pole are colours I usually add as layering while wearing different colour combination together.

This on the other hand are some interesting combinations that goes wonderfully together..I personally love and wear them often..!!

If in doubt about any colour combination,I tend to wear it with Black.It helps in blending the colour.
So,this was my take on colour tone and their combination,will love to hear yours.Leave your ideas as comments below..xoxo

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